PSK Holdings.

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Fitness Center

Our facilities offer employees fitness and health equipment spanning over a space of 165 ㎡. Moreover, we have a health manager on hand at our fitness center to help promote the well-being of our employees.


All employees are covered by a group insurance plan which provides coverage for any potential accidents during work.

Employee Loan Program

When employees purchase or rent a house, we are able to provide loan assistance services to help them secure a place to live. For newly recruited employees, we are able to provide dormitory accommodations for a certain period of time.

Children's Education Assistance

We provide full financial support of admission and tuition fees for children of employees, across high school and post-secondary education.

Academic Scholarship Program

We offer a scholarship system for children from kindergarten through middle school.


To promote the wellness of our employees, we provide lunch and dinner free- of- charge at our cafeteria. We commission the catering service to Pulmuone, one of Korea's best food service providers, for clean and delicious meals.

Club Activity

We support a wide range of activity clubs (soccer, baseball, basketball, and table tennis) to help employees improve communication and grow closer together through teamwork.

Team Building Sports Events

We hold team building sports events 2-3 times a year so that the employees can bond together and encourage our unique "fun management" philosophy.
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