PSK Holdings.

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PSK Holdings will continue to create value towards a more sustainable and systemic growth for all the interested parties, such as customers, employees, executives, and shareholders. In today's ever-changing management climate, we will continue to go beyond survival and promote sustainable growth. Through investing in R&D, quality products, environmental improvements, security, and health and safety, PSK aims to achieve consistency in our activities to support sustainable growth. At the same time, we will stand by our belief in ethical management and social contribution. We strive to make a transparent and clean corporate culture. And with our enterprise-wide system, we will stay connected by being , prepared to proactively respond to any external changes in the industry landscape.

People-oriented Management

The core of PSK Holdings's competitiveness is in our emphasis on R&D investment and people-oriented management approach. We are aware that research and development is a key component to our competitiveness. To secure the future engine of growth, we will never halt our R&D efforts, while continuing to train our talent pools via internal human resources development and expand our footprint in overseas markets.

Quality Management

ISO 9001

The high quality of processes is achieved by continued development cycles of improvement.,This leads to quality products and services, high customer satisfaction, technological edge in the industry, enhanced productivity, and increased revenue. All employees and executives have responsibility of ownership and leadership to satisfy customers and other shareholders.

Environment Management

ISO 14001

PSK Holdings pursues a future that is both clean and safe, where every member of society can enjoy the environment. We recognize efficient eco-friendly ways to protect the environment includinge saving energy, water, and raw materials while refraining from using toxic chemicals. We have also adopted sustainable methods to create a pleasant environment for all.

Information Security Management

ISO 27001

PSK Holdings understands it is critical to protect important corporate information and that core technology leaks may lead to the downfall of the company. We have various information security policies in place that are implemented at the managerial, physical and technical levels, in order to sustain our business and reassure our customers' trust.

Health and Safety Management

OHSAS 18001

A healthy and safe working environment promotes active productivity and enhances the company's corporate value. PSK Holdings adheres to industry health and safety standards, with our internal health and safety management working to remove any potential risks from the working environment in order to protect our customers, employees, and the public. We have established efficient standards to create a healthy and safe environment to fulfill our duty to protect the well-being of our staff and the community at-large.

Ethical Management

PSK Holdings believes in the principles of, integrity and honesty. We promote autonomous management and self-organization. We respect the free market where participants compete against each other in an open and, fair manner. Based on mutual trust and collaboration, we established ethical standards for all our employees and executives to stand by, as they strive to benefit all shareholders and the public.

Ethics Charter

01. We believe that our customers are the true foundation of our business. We respect customer feedback and opinions, and will continuously create helpful value for our customers to earn their trust.

02. We respect the culture and customs of the regions and countries we do business in. In addition, we will work to stay competitive in a transparent manner.

03. All transactions are to be conducted where equal opportunities are ensured in accordance with the principles of free competition. We will continue to build mutual trust and cooperation through fair and transparent transactions, while promoting joint development from a long-term perspective.

04. We value volunteerism, responsibility, creativity, and the spirit of challenge. We will seek to create a healthy corporate culture where we treat each other with genuine care and respect. We are proud to be a member of PSK Holdings.

05. We will operate based on reasonable approach and strive to grow into a healthy company. We are dedicated to protecting our shareholders, while sharing what we have with the community. In doing so, we hope to contribute much to the advancement of the local community and culture.

RBA Management

“Conflict minerals” originating from the Democratic Republic of the Congo(DRC) are sometimes mined and sold, “under the control of armed groups”, to “finance conflict characterized by extreme levels of violence”. Some of these minerals can make their way into the supply chains of the products used around the world, including those in the electronics industry. PSK Holdings’s suppliers acquire and use conflict minerals from multiple sources worldwide. As part of PSK Holdings’s commitment to corporate responsibility and respecting human rights in our own operations and in our global supply chain, it is PSK Holdings’s goal to use tantalum, tin, tungsten and gold in our products that do not directly or indirectly finance or benefit armed groups in the DRC or adjoining countries while continuing to support responsible mineral sourcing in the region. PSK Holdings expects our suppliers to have in place policies and due diligence measures that will enable us to reasonably assure that products and components supplied to us containing conflict minerals are conflict-free. PSK Holdings expects our suppliers to comply with the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) code of Conduct and conduct their business in alignment with PSK Holdings’s supply chain responsibility expectations.
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