PSK Holdings.

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Through 2021, our vision and goal is to become the global leader in the overall device processing sector for all semiconductor processes. To become the world's best in the semiconductor processing industry, we have worked hard and will continue to move forward with clear guiding principles:

01. To be the technology leader based on creativity and innovation.
02. To be the world's number top company through dedication and overcoming challenges
03. To achieve our vision based on people-oriented management and leadership.

Based on these goals for 2021, we hope to achieve staggering growth alongside, our customers for the foreseeable future. Our specific goals to become the global leader in the overall device processing sector are as follows:

To become the worldĄŻs #1 company in more than 7 semiconductor device sectors with U.S. ; $1.2 billion in revenue and; U.S. $800 million in exports.

01. Technology Leader Based on Creativity and Innovation

Our company continues to strive to be creative and think out of the box. With a wealth of data converted into knowledge, we have been able to develop innovative technologies. Utilizinge the data and technologies we have accumulated, we hope to develop greater innovations in technology and become the leader in the dynamic future semiconductor industry.

02. The World's Top Company through Dedication and Overcoming Challenges.

There is no success without challenge. Our spirit of meeting challenges head on is based on our earned confidence and deep passion. We continue to keep by these core principles and drive ourselvestowards greater challenges. Each day we welcome and embrace the challenges of tomorrow.

03. Achieve Our Vision Based on People-oriented Management

We stand by our principle that investment and training of talented people will mold them into the creative and innovative leaders of tomorrow. We are confident in our company's future, even in a rapidly changing global environment, because we believe in our employees and our people-oriented management philosophy.

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